Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Two hearts set on two venues and hitting the two stone mark!

I have been a busy bee the last couple of weeks so while that means I have plenty to blog about, it also means I haven't had a chance to actually blog which is just unacceptable!

The last time I posted I was on my way to view our first potential wedding venue out of 7 that weekend. Unfortunately, almost two weeks later, we are still no further with our plans. In some ways it feels like we have gone backwards as we don't even have any options to look at anymore.

We fell in love with 2 particular venues which was all really exciting at the time as I was imagining myself walking down the aisle, having our photos taken and enjoying our wedding breakfast in these gorgeous buildings.... Until reality hit and we realised that we really can't afford a total of above £10,000 for a venue and food (unless we maybe don't bother with a wedding dress, suits and everything else a wedding involves). We even toyed with the idea of getting a loan for part of the wedding, but (luckily) we talked ourselves right back out of that one!

Although this realisation was quite a downer after being so happy with the venues we loved, we had a good talk about it and decided that as much as we want a 'wow' venue, even if we could stretch to the price, it's probably not worth it just for our guests' first impression. We would rather spend more on entertainment and those little extras we have in mind to make it a memorable night!

The other venues we visited that weekend weren't so expensive, but they were very 'meh' in comparison to the two we had our hearts set on. So it's back to the drawing board on that one! If anything, we have a better idea of what we both want and what we don't want, so hopefully we'll find something soon.

It is getting slightly irritating that we still haven't got anywhere for a venue as planning everything else has to wait! We also still haven't even told bridesmaids/best man/ushers that we want them in our wedding as I wanted to wait until we had a date and venue set in stone, although I might crack soon!


Despite a slight hiccup that weekend in Bognor (which included a lot of vodka & pizza, but we'll forget about that!) I am kicking ass at this weight loss/fitness thing at the moment - even if I say so myself! Last week after hitting the gym every day and sticking to my calorie allowance, I achieved a loss of 4lb which took me to the 2 stone mark!! I'm am really pleased with myself and it has given me even more of a motivational boost to keep working hard to lose the pounds!

Gym tonight & then chili cheese fries for dinner (before you raise your eyebrow - Quorn mince, plenty of tomato, homemade baked chips & just a sprinkle of low fat cheese!) I've already totted this up in My Fitness Pal and it's not all that bad... and I'll be working for it!

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