Thursday, 8 December 2011

Look after the pounds & the stones will look after themselves...

My life has recently been somewhat taken over by the Big Bad Gym and the dreaded task of stepping on the scales each week!

Anyone who has only known me for the past 3ish years might be surprised to know that I was once actually pretty damn skinny and a shade of 'underweight' according to Dr BMI... I never tried to be and I definitely didn't watch what I ate, but I was pretty active and religiously attended a two-hour dance group twice a week.

Since then a lot of things happened that could be 'to blame' for me putting on a lot of stone and going up a lot of dress sizes. It could be a mix of getting comfortable in my relationship, going on the pill, stopping going to dance, starting to drive, becoming a lazy whatsit and eating a lot of Domino's... So yeah... it could be something to with any of those.

Getting fit and losing weight is another of those things I've been wanting to do but putting off so I really needed my recent engagement to give me the shove it did to get down the gym and sort out my eating habits! I'm not aiming to be superskinny but I really want to just be happy with how I look on my big day... and every day after would be nice! And as someone who has lost a lot of confidence in the past few years & who really does have a strong dislike of mirrors & photographs showing myself, this is no easy feat!

But I'm on my way! :)

In 9 weeks, since starting to really focus on regularly hitting the gym & 'dieting' (not following a strict diet, just cutting out crap & eating more healthy stuff!) I've managed to shed 15lbs!

Still a long way to go (I'm hoping to lose 5-5.5 stone altogether, in around a year) but I'm pretty proud of myself so far, especially since getting past these first stone! And that's with a couple of nights out, some meals out, the odd packet of crisps & nibbles of chocolate but mostly concentrating on not snacking, eating healthier meals & getting my arse down the gym!

I'm lucky that my fiance & I are in this together so we're spurring each other on which really helps, as it did with giving up smoking (I'll get to that later!). We weigh ourselves weekly using the Wii Fit (which is spot-on accurate against our bathroom scales) which keeps a tab on our weight & BMI. It's nice to see the charts heading in the right direction!

Let's hope it continues! :)

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