Monday, 12 December 2011

6 months smokefree!

One of the many pivotal things that has happened this year is that the fiance & I have given up smoking - yesterday marked 6 months of us being smoke- and nicotine-free (after having my last fix while dressed as Yoshi!)

I had been thinking about giving up smoking for a while but kept putting it off. Being the complete stress-head I was while at Uni, I really don't think I could have coped with the added pressure of weaning myself off of the nicotine sticks... anyone who spent longer than 20 minutes around me in my final year would probably agree!

As the excuses started to run out, I decided it really was time I ought to go for it and quit! The final decision was made when Darren & I were very hungover after the Bournemouth Uni Summerball & we couldn't face smoking! We had almost gone 24 hours without a cigarette & made a decision on the spot to just go for it and quit!

6 months later & we haven't inhaled the slightest bit of tobacco (other than second hand smoke.. eurgh!).

If anyone is thinking about giving up - do it! Okay, it's hard at first but get past the first few weeks and you'll feel so much better...

I can breathe now! I can taste better, I don't cough as much and I don't get chest pains anymore! It really helped doing it together with my other half, even though we were at each others' throats a lot in the beginning with short tempers!! I think the competing aspect of not wanting to be the first to fail was the main thing that kept me going anyway! The main thing I would think at times I was struggling and wanted to smoke again is why would I want to put myself through those difficult first few weeks again - because if it wasn't now I would give up some time... I started so I'll finish!

Now I barely even think about it and feel great!

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