Saturday, 26 November 2011

What is the matter with Hayley Jane?

So I've been wanting to start a new blog for ages now and it's been the name thing (and maybe a bit of the time thing) holding me back... What do I call my blog?

The reason for the new blog is to write about all those things that I've felt don't really match the 'professionalism' of my blog/online portfolio that is HM 2.0. But what I plan to blog about here has no real theme or reason, it's just a bit of everything that's going on in my life at the moment.

My life is actually pretty exciting and eventful at the moment. This year has definitely been a big one. I finished my final year at university and graduated, I've started my career in marketing - the beginning of the rest of my life! And I celebrated five wonderful years with my boyfriend... which ended in a wedding proposal and a very happy engagement!!

My beautiful engagement ring. The photo really doesn't do it justice!

So the next few years in my life should be even more exciting, consisting of wedding plans, getting stuck in and progressing in the big wide world of work and desperately saving every scrap we can so that we can take that leap onto the property ladder and own our very own home!

There's a lot going on in my life and I just want to blog about it, partly to keep track of it all myself, but also because it is exciting and I just want to share it all with family, friends and, well, the world!

But back to naming the blog... with everything going on there is certainly a lot of potential material, but nothing that really links it all together but me. So of course a first choice for a blog name was my name. Boring I know - but don't worry, all possible variations are taken anyway. Then there's the usual username I try and use for most things online - lilyjay. Yep - taken.

I toyed with using my surname-to-be. Although Slaughter is perhaps not the nicest name if you're not a brutal murderer, but I like the way that hayleyslaughter can either be read as Hayley Slaughter or Hayley's Laughter (I know, simple things please simple minds!).

I do still like this and the fact that Hayley Slaughter seems to be a far less common name than Hayley Martin, so for future, optimistic self marketing purposes this might make an appearance in the future.

What I really wanted was something that is clever, fun and sums up the blog completely. But seeing as I'm not really sure what I'm going to end up blogging about - it wasn't easy.

So as I was racking my brain in front of the 'Create a new blog' page for the 1,426th time, this A. A. Milne poem popped into my head. When I was very young I loved A. A. Milne and have great memories of being read poems from 'When We Were Very Young', particularly of - I think it was mostly my auntie - changing the line in Rice Pudding 'What is the matter with Mary Jane' to 'What is the matter with Hayley Jane'.

Et voila!

The URL might be a teeeny bit longer than I would normally go for but, quite frankly, I just want to get blogging and nothing better was showing itself.

Now that I have made you read this ridiculously oversized explanation of 'What is the matter with Hayley Jane?' I bet you can't wait to see what is the matter with Hayley Jane (sorry...).

I promise I will blog something worth reading soon... ;)

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