Monday, 26 March 2012

Broken muscles

HII *waves*

I'm finding myself with some extra time this evening as I'm having to skip my after work gym trip (shock, horror) because I seem to have damaged my calf muscles :(

I'm not completely sure what has happened but I'm guessing it's a combination of lots of walking, running, cross-trainering and not enough resting. Anyway, my calves felt slightly tender yesterday after walking a few miles to the gym, completing week 4 of C25K on the treadmill and then walking home again, so I didn't go to the gym yesterday but took a long walk in the sun to the beach instead. But this morning as I got out of bed I was in quite a bit of pain and it has been a slight struggle walking all day and prodding my calf muscles hurts too as if they are bruised.

Ouchie :(

Although I don't feel like I've been going OTT, this may well be a sign for me to rest so I am doing as I'm told and sitting here stinking of Deep Heat. Yum. I'm hoping the pain disappears tomorrow though so I can get into C25K week 5 before I slip out of it!

Week 4 was TOUGH so I won't say I'm looking forward to getting into week 5, but managing to complete the last week (JUST) was a pretty proud achievement for me and I don't want to stall now!

I also decided last week while watching the documentary of John Bishop completing his cycle, row & three marathons from Paris to London, that one day I WILL run a marathon. Now, I know this is no easy feat and would take a lot of training - and I'm not forgetting that I am only in the middle of a programme to get me to run 5 small kilometres and struggling to run for 5 minutes straight - I'm saying that this is something I want to do in a good few years from now... An ultimate goal, something for the bucket list!

This is definitely what I look like while I'm running,
I'm not a hot sweaty grimacing mess at all.
I won't lie, I'm slightly regretting this in light of my current muscle pain but the world wasn't built in a day...

First, I need to complete Couch to 5k (which should be about 4 weeks from now) and sign up for the Race for Life 5k run this summer which will make sure I keep running in the lead up. Then I'll go from there aiming for a 10k event then maybe a half marathon.

It's good to have goals, right?

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