Saturday, 17 March 2012

All change!

Everything has gone a bit crazy this last week & will be for the next few months as it's all change for us and lots going on!

At the end of April we will be leaving Bournemouth (*sob*) and moving back along the coast towards our hometown in West Sussex to be closer to family and friends.

It's been something we've been thinking about for a while since people drifted away after finishing Uni and it got a lot quieter & lonelier around here! But it was always a 'maybe one day' thing.

This week I was offered a job at Strawberrysoup in Chichester as their 'Online Marketing Specialist' and I'll be starting there at the end of April, giving us around 6 weeks to pack up our flat and relocate! During that time we have a trip to Scotland as well so I think it's going to be a mad rush at times!

I am really going to miss Dorset as I love it around here so much, but I'm also really looking forward to being around my close friends & family again :) Everyone seems pretty excited that we're heading back! Well, except my dad who I'll be leaving in Poole, but at least that's a very good reason to come back this way regularly!

I also keep thinking about how much I'll miss my gym... Something I never thought I'd feel! I have been there almost every day since October and am not looking forward to having to spend £40 a month on a local gym after Pure Gym's bargain £9.99!

I'm hoping the move won't ruin my hard work weightloss-wise too much but I'm expecting a little slow down when we're first back as things will be hectic celebrating our return, getting into the new job and finding a new home. I'll just have to work extra hard beforehand!

On that side of things a quick note - I've changed my weigh-in to Saturday mornings now instead of Monday evenings and weighed in this morning with a 2lb loss since Monday. I know it might be slightly inaccurate because of the difference between mornings and evenings, but I'm not going to complain! That's just 1lb away from the 3 stone mark! :D

I definitely have mixed emotions about the move but on the whole it's very exciting, I'm really looking forward to starting the new job and a new challenge even though I'll miss everyone at CW, and I'm really looking forward to being around everyone I love :)

Being back in West Sussex should also kickstart wedding plans again as it'll be so much easier for us to view venues and organise things being in the area.

Who said 2012 would be uneventful?? (...Okay, that was me... but what do I know!)


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