Sunday, 22 January 2012

Calorie counting crazy

After falling off the healthy eating wagon slightly around the festive period, I was finding it tough to get back into the swing of things. Even before this I was struggling to get strongly over the 1 stone mark. When I got to 1 stone loss, I thought I was past the first big hurdle and that from then on it would start to get easier, but how wrong I was. For ages, I was hovering above and below the 14lb mark and it was getting frustrating!

This is how happy I'll be
when I hit my goal weight ;)
This is when I called in My Fitness Pal to whip me into shape.

I've dabbled with My Fitness Pal before but it didn't last long. This time I think we'll be BFFs as after two weeks of becoming a food-and-exercise recording, calorie-counting addict I've already shed some pounds and gone down a belt hole. That's an official measurement y'know.

I signed up under a new username to start afresh and entered all my details - current weight (which I later changed to my start weight at the very beginning of the 'lifestyle change' so I could keep a better note of my overall weight loss - see the badge on the right of this blog!), goal weight, how often I aim to workout, how active my day job is and some other bits and bobs. It then gave me a goal limit of 1200 calories a day... ouch?

But I've found 1200 calories a day actually really easy, especially on days when I manage to burn some 'serious cal' at the gym allowing room for a more calorific dinner if necessary.

I've definitely become slightly obsessed with tracking every single thing I eat or drink on the website - and the phone and iPad apps are amazing too - but I am definitely seeing this as a good thing! I've also noticed that the community on the forum there works really well for people to motivate each other.

So I'm pleased to say I'm well and truly back on the weight loss wagon and feeling good. Last week I lost a massive 5lbs - probably down to a shock to the system after slipping so badly, but I'm sure I can continue to push it in the right direction now.

It's weigh day tomorrow, so let's hope we see the number on that badge head up!

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