Sunday, 26 August 2012

Decisions to decide

It's been over 2 months since we booked our venues for our big day next September and I'm ashamed to admit not much has been done since...

Now that September is just around the corner meaning we will have been engaged a year and, more importantly, will be getting married in a year, I'm starting to feel like I really should get organised! The only thing we have done is pay off a small chunk of the hefty venue bill. Important, but pretty boring.

When I start thinking about everything that needs to be done my head feels ever so slightly like it's going to explode, so I thought it would be a good idea to break it down into bite-sized chunks so here's are the first few things on my wedding to-do list:
  • Plan and arrange wedding dress shopping. Although I have many ideas about colours, decorations and the general atmosphere that I'd like for our wedding day, the dress is something I have no real idea about yet... And I realise that the tone of the day should really revolve around the style of the dress so I need to get trying on some white dresses... Eek! I'm the most indecisive person so I need to plan around the likelihood that this decision will take a few separate shopping trips!
  • Plan wedding photography and pre-wedding shoot. We always knew that Darren's cousin Anna would be the photographer for our special day as we know she's really good and should feel comfortable with her :) We're going to meet up with her in the next week or so to talk through what we want & whatnot so I look forward to that!
  • Save the dates! Possibly related to the above with organising a pre-wedding snap shoot as I'm not sure whether to go down the photographic save the date route or what we're going to do yet, but I guess we need to think about this pretty soon so everyone can make sure they're free for the wedding of the century.. Hah ;)

So there are a lot of decisions for me to make! And for the girl who couldn't make a decision if her life depended on it, this is going to be... interesting!

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